Friday, June 20, 2008

Robert & Alison part 2

Well, it was not my intention to take a two month hiatus, but that's what has happened. My last entry was about the anticipated summer tour of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, and a few days ago I was fortunately in attendance at their sold out show at Ravinia. It was a wonderful show under the stars, everything it was promised to be. Two voices that no one would have expected to compliment each other so well, it seems that these two are soulmates, musically anyway. The show of course featured most of the Raising Sand album, and several solo tunes by Alison and T-Bone Burnett. As expected, many in the crowd were there for Plant, and the loudest cheers were for the Zeppelin nuggets; a slow dirge-like version of Black Dog led by a haunting banjo playing the famous riff, a great version of Black Country Woman from Physical Graffiti, and a superb version of the Battle of Evermore, without a doubt the highlight for me. I must admit that back in the day, this song was a little bit of a buzzkill when we were blasting Led Zeppelin IV at high volume, but now, 37 years later, it was fabulous. Plant sounded younger than his years, and Alison singing the part of Sandy Denny was terrific. The entire show really brought a smile to my face. The tour continues; go see them if you can.

Greg Kot's Review

Stockholm, 5-16-08

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That photo plant & krauss photo is protected under creative commons. Please remove it from your site. Going forward ask permission before taking images. This particular photograph is under strict waivers for non-commericial use. Please remove it.

Mark C. Austin

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