Monday, April 07, 2008

Cover Who?

Paste Magazine reports that the Who (or the Two, as they are now sometimes called) is planning a covers album for their next release. I have a mixed reaction to this news. A covers album is often perceived as the easy way out, a way to inject new product into the market without the burden of songwriting. I can't imagine Pete Townshend resorting to such tactics, although he has admitted difficulty in writing new 'Who' material in recent years. Pete is such a superb songwriter that I'd rather have a disc full of Pete throwaways than half-assed versions of old R&B tunes. On the other hand, the Who cut their teeth on R&B, and Pete doesn't do anything half-assed. This might be an interesting way for things to come full circle. Either way, it's a new Who record in the works, so let's be grateful for that.

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Anonymous Happy Jack said...

I'm a big Who fan. They were the first band that got me into music. But I've got to say that I found their last record to be unlistenable. I'm sure Pete can still write great music, but he'd probably be better served without Roger and without being saddled with "The Who" baggage. Am I missing something?

10:44 PM  
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Blogger Mark said...

Happy Jack: I will agree that Endless Wire is not a strong effort, but it is listenable. The mini-opera is tedious (Pete always tries to do too much!) but many of the songs on the first half of the CD, in particular Black Widow Eyes and Never Enough star to grow on you. My favorite track is Tea and Theatre, which I find incredibly poignant. It was the show closer on their recent tour.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

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10:43 AM  

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