Friday, May 12, 2006

The Forgotten Records #4 - Buffalo Tom

Deep in the recesses of my CD collection is Big Red Letter Day, the 1993 release by Boston based Buffalo Tom, a great trio that never seemed to garner the attention of their contemporaries. Compared to the likes of Dinosaur Jr., The Connells, and Galaxie 500, I think there were just too many bands of this type in the late 80s and early 90s for everyone to rise to the surface. Probably best known for taillights Fade from their 1992 album Let Me Come Over, the music is a predictable mix of heavy yet jangly guitar, crisp harmonies and a hard rock base. What sets the music apart are the clever lyrics and empassioned vocals. Perhaps the polished production of the album pidgeon-holed these guys into a more mainstream category; the grungier style of their earlier records might have kept them in with the indie/college crowd. Yet, they live on in the local Boston scene, and plan an album release. Bassist Chris Colbourn has a new release with Hilken Mancini that I've heard on Pandora that sounds good.

Some records you purchase on the basis of one song: Sodajerk




Blogger Chris said...

Hi Mark...I bet I've bought 3/4 of my tapes/albums/CD's on the basis of one song. I do like Sodajerk, thanks for sharing.

6:56 PM  
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