Monday, February 19, 2007

New Music Monday - Earl Greyhound

Part of my mission here is to share new music that I’ve discovered. It’s a ying-yang kind of thing. This blog has motivated me to widen my horizons, and the more I find the more I am compelled to share. My latest find is a Brooklyn band named Earl Greyhound, brought to me by the weekly podcast Musicheads at Minnesota Public Radio, an informative discussion of music topics, new bands, new records, etc. Earl Greyhound is a trio made up of Matt Whyte on guitar and vocals; Kamara Thomas on bass and vocals and Ricc Sheridan on percussion. Playing a hard rock/blues mix, this band could easily be lumped into the Black Keys/White Stripes camp and quickly lost in the shuffle, but after listening to several tracks from their recent record Soft Targets, there’s more here than meets the ear. There’s a heavy dose of Zeppelin and 70’s glam-rock thrown into the mix, and something tells me you’ll be hearing more about this band. Check out It's Over and let me know what you think.

Note: If everything is working properly, hover your cursor on the artwork below and an audio player should appear.



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