Monday, February 05, 2007

Miami Blues

It's not a good sign when your hometown team is in the Super Bowl, but all that impressed you was the half time show. Yes, Da Bears really made a mess of things last night, and Prince stole the show. I had high expectations for this performance, as I think Prince is a consummate showman and a superb guitarist, but I must admit he really blew me away. It's hilarious that only a few years after Janet's Nipplegate, this year's show ended with a larger than life shadow of the Symbol with positively satanic and phallic imagery (see photo below). How he managed to play through the rain is a bit of a mystery, but there was no lip-synching that I could detect. Who could have guessed he'd play more covers than his own material, including a Dylan/Foo Fighters medley in the middle. What I was really expecting, if anything, was a nod to James Brown. I guess in many ways Prince's whole thing owes a lot to Brown. The bluesy All Along the Watchtower was terrific, so I had to do some surfing today and track it down for you. The bar has officially been raised for future half time shows. As for the Bears, let's hope it's not another 21 years for a repeat appearance.



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