Friday, June 02, 2006

A Momentary 1/2 Floyd Reunion

It was thrilling to see the Floyd back on stage for Live 8 last July, even if it was only four songs. A full blown Pink Floyd reunion tour would really be something. I get the feeling Waters is open to it, and I'm sure Wright and Mason would go along. It's up to Gilmour, who says absolutely no. Gilmour was just in Chicago on a solo tour, Waters is bringing the Dark Side of the Moon to a venue near you this summer, yet the two men can't seem to bury the hatchet. In the meantime, we have little tidbits like this video, recorded May 27, 2006; Gilmour and Wright performing 'Arnold Layne' a psychedelic pop masterpiece and the Floyd's first single. They are old men now, but I do believe they enjoyed themselves here. Maybe there's hope....

The video is from a UK television program and also features Phil Manzanera on the 2nd guitar, Guy Pratt on the bass, Steve DeStanislao on drums and Jon Carin on keyboards.



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