Monday, May 22, 2006

Store Bought Bones

The latest disc that has been in my car CD player since I bought it is the debut from the Raconteurs, Broken Boy Soldiers. 34 minutes of pure pleasure. Short but sweet, a la Weezer, sometimes less is more. Contrary to what you might have heard, this band is not led by Jack White, he is simply in it. The Raconteurs don't try to do anything special, or even anything overly original; it's just rock music for the sheer joy of it. If you've read negative reviews, they are probably by writers that were expecting (or hoping) for a four man White Stripes. This is not that, and that's a good thing.

Opening with Steady, As She Goes, a song that flat out steals the bass line from Joe Jackson's Is She Really Going Out With Him?, it sounds like it could be a pop hit you might hear on the Disney Channel. From there it's a variety of 70's rock, grunge and just a hint of Jack; he never dominates with the expected White Stripes bombast. In fact, White sounds completely content as merely a band member here. The stand out track for me is Store Bought Bones, a great track with loads of prog-rock and Deep Purplish flavor.

I picked up this CD for $9.99, with an offer for a $3.00 rebate. For this reason, I will not post a song from the CD here. Go out and buy it!

Instead, a live track, a cover of the Ron Davies composition It Ain't Easy. I'm sorry, I don't know the date or location, but enjoy it just the same.



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