Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Baker's Dozen

I just hit 2,500 songs on my ipod. That represents only 1/3 of it's capacity, but it's a hell of a lot of songs. The feature I like best about the ipod is the 'shuffle all songs' feature, seamlessly combining tracks from the full range of my collection. I would never have dreamed of making a mix tape with the kind of combinations that my ipod cooks up. I have an active imagination, but I could swear that sometimes it's more than just coincidence and chaos. I hit shuffle for my Monday morning commute, and here are the first 13 songs, in order. My ipod must have thought I dropped some acid for breakfast....

1. Relay - the Who. A nice way to begin, with some BBC radio commentary preceding this track, which comes from the BBC sessions CD. An overlooked Who number that was happily revived by the band on their 2002 tour. Released as a single in November, 1972.

2. Itchycoo Park - the Small Faces. Ok, we're off to swinging London getting stoned in the park with Steve Marriott and the gang. This is a great track that evokes images of paisley and purple.

3. Candy And A Currant Bun - Pink Floyd. I am quickly rousted from the park and find myself enjoying ice cream in the afternoon with Syd. This song was the B-side of the Floyd's first single, Arnold Layne, released March 10, 1967. The track comes from a nice import CD of their first three singles.

4. Journey to the Center of the Mind - Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes. Three in a row. A classic psychedelic rocker from 1968.

5. Girls, Girls, Girls - Motley Crue. Now I must be hallucinating. A guilty pleasure.

6. Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin. If you grew up in the 70's and noodled on the guitar, you learned the beginning of this song. I can still play it.

7. The Denial Twist - White Stripes - A fun segue, as I hear a lot of Zep in Jack White. I'd love to hear them do a version of Bron-Y-Aur Stomp.

8. Ghost - Phish. A nice fat groove.

9. Backwoods - Red Hot Chili Peppers. The ipod strikes again. This sounded great after Ghost. Who needs coffee in the morning when you've got Peppers?

10. Pidgeon English - Elvis Costello. From my favorite Costello album, Imperial Bedroom. Elusive melodies and hyperactive lyrics. "Neurotic erotica."

11. I Don't Believe You(She Acts Like We Never Have Met) - Bob Dylan This track was recorded on NYE 1975 during the Rolling Thunder Revue. Bob was in peak form, and he turned out some great solo acoustic renditions.

12. SWLABR - Cream. Zounds! We're back in swinging London. So many fantastic colors...

13. Son of 'Cha!" - Local H. A great two man rock band from Zion, IL.

Some guys read the newspaper on their way to work, or listen to NPR. I prefer to time travel.



Blogger Chris said...

Hi Mark,

Man, that hardly sounds like Floyd, eh?

4:01 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

There's more where that came from. Hardcore Floyd fans consider the very early work (pre-Gilmour)the be among the best. Get the album Piper at the Gates of Dawn. I'll post another one soon...

9:17 PM  

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