Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Freewheelin' mp3

Recently I posted a mp3 music file. Let me take this moment to state my position. I sincerely believe that sharing music files in this medium is no different than the good old days when we swapped vinyl and made tapes on our trusty Maxell cassettes. It's all about broadening our musical horizons, not taking money out of the artist's pockets. If I can share a song with 25 people that may have never it before, and perhaps prompt those people to legitimately seek further music by that artist, than I see no harm. Nevertheless, the wild mercury legal department has suggested I add a disclaimer to the sidebar (see below). Songs will be posted for a short time with a limited number of downloads.

Now to today's post. Bob Dylan's official recorded catalog is prodigious, but the number of unreleased recordings is equally impressive (and historically important, I might add). For years Dylanphiles have collected the unreleased stuff, and we all squealed with delight when the Official Bootleg Series was introduced by Columbia in the early 90's. However, there is plenty of truly wonderful music that remains unreleased and has escaped the casual listener. Here's a version of That's All Right from the sessions recorded in 1963 for Bob's second album, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan. This song, among others, ended up on the cutting room floor, and remains officially unreleased. All of the outtakes are revered by the Dylanphiles. I love this track because it foreshadows by 2-3 years the sound Bob would attain on his landmark albums in 1965-66.

This image is an outake from the photo session for the album.

Here's the track:
That's All Right #1



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