Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Big Hurt goes West

For the last 15 years Chicago White Sox fans have had the pleasure of watching the best player in franchise history. Despite his occasional 'me first' attitude, Frank Thomas is a player for the ages. It's hard to appreciate in the here and now. Years from now, we'll talk about Frank the way we baseball fans talk about hitters like Ted Williams and Reggie Jackson.

Today, Frank joined the Oakland A's.

Most of us were not surprised to see the club part ways with Frank after the World Series. I wonder how many wished it was the end of the road for him though, so we don't have to endure a few more seasons of pure hitting for a rival team on his way to the Hall of Fame. At least he didn't end up with the Twins, which was my biggest fear. Frank 's not done, and I only hope he chooses to wear a Sox cap when he poses for that bust in Cooperstown. Good luck, Frank.

Oh by the way, I'm a huge White Sox fan. Rabid. And I didn't jump on the World Series bandwagon. I've been on board for over 30 years. 2005 was a good one.



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