Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Roger Daltrey

Monday’s post celebrated the lives of three actors and their recent passing. Today, I’ll celebrate those still with us. Sixty-two years ago today, one of rock music’s greatest and most recognizable vocalists was born, during a London bombing raid. I always wonder about fate, and how the planets must have been aligned the day Roger Daltrey came to know Pete Townshend, in the same way lighting struck when Mick and Keith hooked up, or John and Paul for that matter. Suffice it to say that we’re all glad that it worked out this way. Biographical notes on Roger suggest that he could have just as easily ended up a rumbling working class “geezer.” His rebellious attitude led him out of the refined schooling he found himself in, and ultimately down the road to rock stardom as the greatest frontman of all time (no offense Mick, but it’s the truth).

Pete’s music was made for Roger to sing, and it’s doubtful that we’d still be hearing from Roger in 2006 if fate looked a different way in those early years. At 62, Roger is still in fine voice, and looking forward to touring this year and releasing new Who material. I believe it’s a sincere love and connection to Pete’s songs that keeps him going. To celebrate, I’ve included a few songs here that may have eluded you:

If memory serves me correctly, See My Way is the only Who song penned by Roger himself. Written in 1966, it has a Buddy Holly feeling to it. The version here is a live take from 1967, included on the BBC Sessions record released a few years ago.

Recently the Who released a single disc of their greatest hits, called Then and Now: 1964-2004. The disc includes two new tracks so the faithful will buy it. I don’t like that marketing approach, so I include one of the new tracks here. Old Red Wine is vintage Who, and Roger sounds great.

Tommy can you hear me? Here’s to your amazing journey from sheet metal worker to rock legend. Happy Birthday, Roger.

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Blogger homercat said...

Excellent post on Roger, I was gonna do a Daltry post then saw yours so I'll wait another day. My fave Daltry solo stuff was the soundtrack to McVicar, which kills, although all the members of the Who played on that album it's still considered a Daltry album with a definite Who flavor. Some people think of it as a de facto Who album, who cares it rocks.

3:25 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

I don't have much Roger solo material - I always liked Under A Raging Moon. Glad you like the post.

2:07 PM  

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