Monday, July 02, 2007

New Music Monday - The Porch Rockers

Something a little different today. In the waning days of free internet music I've found another site that promotes new and undiscovered bands. Sonific is a site that allows users to easily create streaming audio widgets from their large catalog of relatively obscure bands. From their site:

Sonific was founded in July 2005, with the mission of making large catalogs of great music available for many types of audio-visual use on the Internet, both for private / non-commercial or promotional purposes, as well as for professional (B2B) users, and licensed products and services.

Sonific's SongSpotsā„¢ service is our first B2C release, reflecting our philosophy that offering better tools for music discovery and providing new, free platforms of exposure is what will really sell music, going forward, and that the viral nature of the Internet is perfectly suited to help get the word out for new and established artists and their music.

Well said.

In scouring the site for something enjoyable to share, I found the Porch Rockers, from Boston, cooking up a mix of acoustic blues, country and roots music that immediately clicked with me. Going deeper into the music on their site, I hear everything from Muddy Waters to John Prine.

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Blogger Kimmo said...

Hi, I work at Sonific and therefore stumbled to your great blog. Thanks for mentioning Sonific and using Songspots. I also linked your blog entry to our new "Songspotting" -blog:

take care, Kimmo

5:44 PM  

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