Monday, April 09, 2007

New Music Monday - The Redwalls

Ok, the Redwalls are not new, in fact they have been playing together for about 10 years. I bring them up here because the band is not well known, and they have recently been dropped by their record label. The Redwalls are originally from Deerfield, IL, just a hop, skip and jump from my home. The music is strongly influenced by Dylan, the Beatles, the Kinks and host of other 60's pop and rock artists. Their first record sounds like what might have happened if Dylan sat in with the Beatles during the Rubber Soul sessions. Recent tunes have more of a garage rock flavor, but more British then American. The influences are obvious, but written and performed in a way that suggests a clear reverence for this music and not a lack of originality. The band makes no bones about their derivative style, preferring to simply write and play the kind of music they like.

The Redwalls have completed songs for a new record, but have no label to release it at the moment. They were at SXSW last month playing live and looking for a new deal, and hopefully things will turn around for this band soon. Check out some of their tunes at The Redwalls.

Listen to Memories

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